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Someone once told me that controversial topics shouldn't be on Facebook. So I moved opinions here.  Then someone took offense at a political position on this page, and I withdrew that comment. 

However, I truly want to understand why we think the way we do on different subjects.  And, there's no better way to do that than having a discussion about it (unless someone wants to write a book).  All we have to do is follow a few debate rules.  Like always be polite.  Let's be a microcosm of the kind of Congress we wish we had, and maybe we can make a difference.

That's my goal.  Thanks for your thoughts!

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Horrible Words

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click and try again 1:10 pm

Horrid Words

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Horrible Words

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Testing 2-20-15

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Trying to edit website when Domain name has apparently expired.  Got here through WCPC website.  Did not mess wtih switching homepage, but where did it go?  Very unhappy over this mess again.  Webs.com help is terrible to non-existent.

Political Humor

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Politically Speaking > Kathleen Dunn Show - Humor

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Posts: 3 "When you don't have a middle-aged, white guy as president . . ."  and you have an hour to listen to a humorous, laid-back interview, copy the address below to your browser. Enjoy!




Guest Andy Borowitz, comedian, satirist and writer,  joins Kathleen Dunn to look at the lighter side of news. His work appears in The New Yorker and The New York Times, and at his award-winning humor site, www.BorowitzReport.com.


Wednesday, 9/15/2010, 10:00 AM - Kathleen Dunn Radio Talk Show


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