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Cayuga Days Cayuga Days Grandma Englerth with grandchildren on her Cayuga farm Taken in summer or fall of 1953 (if my estimate of Julie, sitting on Grandma's lap is under age 1 year). Mack Conley (upper left), my oldest cousin, is holding Les Gear (known to us then as Little Les). Ralph Conley is next to him, with Kathleen in front of him. Barbara Jean Gear is holding on to Julie's hand. I (Karen) is standing in front of Mack, and my brother Jerry is kneeling on the ground next to Grandma. These were happy days! 194114705 Close up of Mack (with Les and Karen) This is a close-up from the other photo of Mack, Little Les, and me. 194114706 Haying in Cayuga early 1940s Taken by Mom, I think, in early 1940s: her brother, sister, and cousin (Bucky, Dorothy, and Junie). 197647178


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