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Photo Gallery

Friends on Vacation - March 2009 Friends on Vacation - March 2009 Arcosanti window with bells Arcosanti window with bells 30429100 Friend inside Arcosanti Friend inside Arcosanti, Cordes Junction, Arizona 30429320 Friend inside Arcosanti - close-up Friend inside Arcosanti, Close-up 30429319 Stampede! Arcosanti cattle? Here they come--get out of the road! 30429321 Three on the Trail Linda, Gary, Larry - White Tank Mountain Regional Park 30429800 Friend waiting in Jerome Friend waiting for Friend. Jerome, Arizona 3/23/2009 30429101 On the Trail White Tank Mountain Regional Park Trail 30429801 Linda on the Trail Linda on the Trail 30429803 Hikers on Trail Hikers about to run into Jumping Cholla. 30429804 Jumping Cholla Watch out for the Jumping Cholla!! 30429802 Friends outside Maui Grill Friends outside Maui Grill in Surprise, Arizona 30429799 Friends outside Maui Grill Larry & Linda, Maui Grill, Surprise, Arizona 30429805


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Assistance given to the weak makes the one who gives it strong.
Booker T. Washington


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